Aire Power Stations.

13th January 2012. Gigs In Darlington and Newcastle-upon-Tyne called us up the A1. The sun shone and it was calm. Therefore the steam from the cooling towers of the Ferrybridge power station rose near-vertically, and was visible for many miles. The station is on the River Aire. I have seen this phenomenon before, and so resolved to photograph it. This was taken from the south. Also, there are two more power stations to the east of Ferrybridge.

You can’t get them all in one shot from this bridge over the A1, but on the right you can see the other two steam plumes from them. The first is Eggborough, also on the Aire; the second – behind the trees on the right – is, I assume, Drax, which gets water from the the River Ouse, before the confluence with the Aire. At one time, these three stations generated 20% of all Britain’s electricity! At their peak, they were producing 8,000 Megawatts.

There’s a lot of history about these power stations online, e.g: .
Ferrybridge closed in 2016, Eggborough in 2018.
Drax continues, burning both coal & biomass & produces 3,900 Megawatts.