This page starts about 2005 (with an occasional extension way back before then). We had had had a website since about 2001, but no digital camera. The first one we got seemed very good, so we started upoading images of our travels as a gigging traditional jazz musician. Not the gigs, but the places we travelled to. Trouble was, that we stuck them together in blocks which were not geographically consistent. This carried on for years, & eventually, even I could not find photographs I knew were on the site, because they were all so jumbled up. It was time for serious re-arrangement of around 500 images. Today is 1st January 2020, and I do believe they are now arranged pretty well OK. There’ll be some tweaking & correcting to do, and the odd cross-link between related pages still needs to be put in place.

You’ll see below seven – no, six –  labelled thumbnails. Clicking on the image will take you to that page. I say straight away, that the geography has often been glossed over. BIRMINGHAM has been extended to encompass nearby, usually contiguous, areas, and apologies are given for that. The MIDLANDS is bigger than it should be, extending down to Oxford & Gloucestershire. The other areas have few images; the WEST has none so far; I’ve included Bath in the South. And the East has but one single image.All these things, hopefully, will be rectified & expanded in the future. Just click on the thumbnail to go to the page dealing with that region.

BIRMINGHAM & environs.













There is – as yet – nothing in ‘The West’; but, as
we played at the Bude Jazz Festival for at least
twenty years, there must be some images not yet
located, which will redress that imbalance. For
one at least, click link here.