Click on the thumbnail to go to the page. It goes backwards in time – most recent entry at the top. This page is unusual, in that it goes back to 35mm B&W images as long ago as the early 1970s.


The Bourn Brook.

October/November 2020. Rather over 100 images taken along
the 4.5 mile-long course of the Bourn Brook, from its source
to its confluence with the River Rea.


Tributaries of the Bourn Brook,
(except the Chad Brook)

November/December 2020. Besides the Chad Brook, there are several
other tributaries: The Bartley Brook, the Stonehouse Brook, the Hart’s
Green and Welshes Brooks. Around a hundred images…


The Chad Brook.

October 2020. An attempt to follow the 3-mile course of the
Chad Brook. Although much of it runs through areas closed to the general
public, we’ve covered those by satellite images, courtesy of Google. 


St. Kenelm’s Church and Well.

5th August 2020. A visit to see the Sacred Well of St. Kenelm,
a Mercian King (or at least Prince), murdered about 820 AD.


2020 – The Old (closed) Dudley No.2 canal

3rd August 2020. A couple of hours or so investigating the
flora to be found on this long-term restoration project.


2020 – A visit to Sandwell Valley.

2nd August 2020. More exercise is needed – we’re putting on weight
fast due to lockdown. We’re going to find the Sand Well…


2020, July – four months into Covid lockdown (Grrh!!)

30th July 2020. A visit to the Wren’s Nest Quarries, Dudley.


2019 – An Early Spring.

27th February 2019.  After the ‘open winter’ of 2018-9,
a little visit to the Grove Park, Harborne.
(See also 3rd December 2011).


A short walk up an ancient track-way in Halesowen.

May 2018. Of course, Halesowen is NOT in Birmingham,
but it is contiguous, and a very historic place.


Old Postcards of Birmingham.

Seventeen postcards in & around Birmingham: ~1890 – ~1953


Edgbaston Canal Reservoir.

8th September 2013. A wallk round the reservoir when it was low,
plus 3 supplementaries in Feb 2014 when it was full!


Titford Pool & Canal.21st August 2012. Trying out our new camera along the Titford Canal.
Sorry, not Birmingham, but very contiguous!



July 2012. Wythall Transport Museum – just this image
plus a link to their website.


Two Small Rivers.

June 2012. The Rea, The Cole & Ted Sandiman’s Mill Pond.


Birmingham Walk.

7th February 2012. Walk in central Brum &
visit to the Birmingham Catacombs!


Rowley Hills.11th January 2012. A newish Local Nature Reserve.


Hill Hook LNR, Four Oaks.

7th January 2012. Hill Hook Local Nature Reserve.


The Grove Park, Harborne.

3rd December 2011. Images for an ‘ex-pat’ of Brum
who knew this park well, years ago.


The Leasowes.

16th November 2011. Actually in Halesowen, but contiguous.


Waseley Hills.

17th November 2011. The tiny River Rae,
& zoom shots into central Brum.


Moseley Bog.

12th July 2011. Tolkein areas, including Sarehole Mill:
a.k.a. Ted Sandiman’s Mill.



June 2011. One of the least known areas of Brum.



20th November 2010. We didn’t walk up to the top,
because it was misty!


Spaghetti Junction.

15th May 2010. Many motorists curse delays at or near Spaghetti Junction,
on the M6. But what is underneath the junction? Click thumbnail to see!


Birmingham Metro.

31st May 2009. The tenth anniversary of the Birmingham Metro,
which is still being extended.


King’s Norton Junction.

9th January 2009. King’s Norton Canal junction.
A favourite spot of mine for a walk.


Woodgate Valley Country Park.

26th December 2008. A brief walk in this excellent & thriving open space.


The Lickey Hills.

20th December 2007. Not actually part of Birmingham – they are in
Worcestershire – but a great ‘Brummie’ resort.


The Pen Room & Senecio jacobaea.
6th June 2005. While browsing a map of Brum, we found the

marvellous Pen Museum, and Ragwort. Click for more.


Snow Hill – mostly retro.
Circa 1972. We used to commute into Snow Hill Station in 1960-61, to attend
Matthew Boulton Technical College. Here are some later, sadder images.


Netherton Tunnel.

Circa 1972. Long before it was restored in the
1980s, a friend & I walked through it.