Llangollen, Denbighs. -2.

3rd April 2011. Llangollen – again. A hop and a step from my home town of Birmingham, well, 78 miles I think. The railway station is home to a very flourishing preserved railway, and the workshops associated with it are extremely renowned and do work on a wide variety of restoration projects from all over the country. Note that the bridge over the line goes out over the River Dee, but is anchored in place by redoubtable girders, deeply embedded in the stone of the river embankment; so it’s quite safe.

The river churns beneath the bridge.

On our way back next day, we stopped at the Wellington Wrekin to try out our 144 MHz (2 metre FM) amateur radio rig from a high location, but the main road up the Wrekin was closed. Better still was this lovely blossom, underlining that Spring was well on the way. I’m hopeless with plants. Is it Buckthorn?