Destroying the Planet.

When I went out for my morning walk, around 0730, I saw all these streaks in an otherwise empty sky. They were vapour trails from aircraft. All these aircraft, world-wide, are burning a staggering amount of fuel every year. One U.S. estimate for 2019 is 97 billion gallons. At a weight of 6 lb (pounds) per U.S. gallon, that’s like 582 billion pounds, so about 260 million tons. I just looked up how much CO2 is produced by burning one ton of aviation spirit, and found to my horror, that ONE TON of spirit produces somewhat over THREE TONS of Carbon Dioxide! That means – gulp! – 780 MILLION TONS of CO2 is going into the atmosphere this year from aircraft alone. Altogether, it is believed that nearly FORTY BILLION TONS of CO2 are ‘uploaded’ into the atmsophere every year, mostly from coal and oil.

I know the Earth is big, at about 8,000 miles in diameter, but I also know that the Earth’s atmosphere is only a very, very thin layer indeed. You only have to go 5 miles up (like Mount Everest) and people need supplementary Oxygen. No wonder Global Warming is getting worse.

Of course, as I am old, it won’t affect me; but I have a 3 year old grand-daughter, and another one is due in a few weeks. What aabout them, I wonder?